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Linda Logan


Welcome to Kiseki Akitas

 Hi, I am Linda Logan. Together with my son Kris & I we are Kiseki Akitas. I grew up with Norwegian Elkhounds, showing, Jr handling, & breeding. Fast forward about 20 some years and I got my first Akita in 1998. I bought our first Akita for my husband. He was his one year in remission gift.  His name was Riko and he was a very special boy and a joy to own. At 2 1/2 yrs old we found out he had epilepsy, so his show career stopped and he became a wonderful house dog and a companion to my son Kris. I then got a female to show, then about 2 yrs later I got another female. I got my girls from a good friend & mentor, Susan Cargill. Along the road I gained another wonderful friend and mentor, Rusty Short.  I love animals in general, and I love my dogs. They are all a part of my family. I have 3 children (2 grown & 1 still at home) and a grandson.

We are proud members of the Akita Club of America, and I am a member of the Inland Empire Akita Club.


On this web site you will find pictures of our Akita Family, including Vixen my registered Service Dog.  Be sure to check out Kris's photography work. Links to other breeders, health, clubs, training & rescue groups. I also do Web and Ad designs.

Enjoy your visit to our online home.


I owe a lot to my friends and mentors with everything they have taught me and helped me with. I personally want to send a HUGE Thank you to Susan, and Rusty. Thank you ladies for all you have done for me in my Akita endeavor.



 We are very particular regarding whom we associate, and even more so with regards to whom we do breedings with, and give referrances to. If you have any questions please call us. PLEASE be careful who you deal with, not all breeders are as reputable or ethical as they claim.