$10.00  for 1 dog

$12.00  for 2 dogs

$15.00 for 3 dogs or more

Screen Saver programs

minimum of 5 photos with a maximum of 25 photos.

Depending on how many photos and how many dogs.

Prices start at $25.00

Akita Wallpapers

On this page you will find some of my wallpaper photos I have done for my Akita friends. Photo sizes are 800 x 600 to use as a wallpaper/background photo on their computers.

Keep in mind these are previews only, and are MY creations. They are digitally marked as my works. Please DO NOT copy them or use them with out my written permission.

If you are interested in one of your own Akita (or dog) then please email me. Prices are in the box on the right. In your email I need a couple of full size pictures of your akita (full body shots preferred), sent as an attachment. What kind of backgrounds you might like (ie: sunsets, snow, mountains, beaches, etc.), or if you prefer I choose what I think will look best with your dog.

Below you will find a few previews of my wallpapers that I have done. These will stay as thumbnails, with no preview full size. They should be a big enough preview though so you can see my work.

Thank you!


***Coming soon***

Specialized Akita screen saver programs!

I will be setting up a secure pay site, pay pal or something similar. Once that is done then I can start taking orders.