Riko Tomodachi av C.C.C.

July 21, 1998 to Dec. 4, 2008

Riko Tomodachi in Japanese means clever friend.

That is exactly what and who Riko was to us.

He was a wonderful companion, a protector, a playful puppy at heart. Riko was the first one I could trust when ever I brought in a new puppy, whether it was to stay here or here for training. He protected Kris when it was needed and kept him from harms way. This wonderul boy is deeply missed. Riko will always have a special place in our hearts. May he run free over the bridge until we meet again.

We Wuv Woo Riko Puppy!

These are some pictures of our boy Riko. Riko was a very loving dog and had a wonderful life. We miss him greatly. Riko was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 2 1/2 yrs old.  He was a wonderful boy with loads of love for all he met. In tribute to his passing I wanted to put up some of his pictures that we took through out his life here.

Riko was a very big part of our family and is missed greatly!

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Ch. Kobu's Kiseki
Jan 29, 2000 - Dec 12, 2006
Kiseki in Japanese means Miracle.
Kiseki was born here and raised here. Even though Susan was her breeder, timing was right and I got to whelp the litter here. What fun to have a litter here and an honor to raise them until they went to their new homes.
Kisi was our first "official" show dog. She was all akita through and through. Great with those she knew and loved but protective with strangers.
She hit the show ring at 18 months earned her first 2 points. Then it was a year before she earned any more points. Staying in the ribbons during that year (except for once) on limited showing. When all was done a total of 18 shows. When she won, SHE WON - BOOM within a few shows she was finished. She took back to back majors at Long Beach. And only needed a single point to finish. She got another 3 point major, finishing her with 3 majors. She was retired from the show ring and enjoyed her life. Sadly we lost her at an early age due to some sudden health problems.
She is missed greatly by those that knew her well.