Although we may miss these dogs

 they are very happy in their new homes

with their wonderful families. They are lucky to be loved twice as much!


Our Extended Family

These are dogs that we have loved and had here living with us for some time, short or long. We miss them but they are in Fabulous new homes being spoiled rotten and loved to pieces.

Each thumbnail will open in a seperate page where you can view the picture full size.


Rosewynd Beau Brummell

"Beau Beau"

Kobu's Khorus Kall


HT's Takin' A Chance on Me "Rio"

Red Dawn Kiseki's Mr Bodacious


















 HT's Kiseki's West Coast Gambler




~~ Our Journey litter ~~
The pups & their new owners




 Maggie Mai



Mr. Mojo



Any Way

U Want It