Any of the rescue groups could always use some added support with donations, money, food, grooming, and veterinarian support. Please help if you can.

With all the foreclosures lately the rescue groups and shelters really need the help!


Riko would like it if you could help one or more of the Akitas

in rescue so that they can have a loving home like he did.


On this page you will find links to several of the Akita Rescue groups. If you are looking for an Akita and could give a very loving home to one of these wonderful dogs in the Rescue Groups please do so.

I support responsible breeding, rescue and breed education.


Tiki Hut


Midwest Akita Rescue Society 




Mid-Atlantic States
Akita Resuce (ARMAC)
Akita Rescue Society of Florida
New Mexico Akita Rescue Group:

And in the UK
Vikki Goulding
Friends of Akitas Trust (UK)
Tel: 07957339877