Akita FAQ's

Is The Akita the right breed for you?

How to choose a Reputable Breeder


Remember to ask for proof OFA, Cerf and thyroid results for the parents (if your buying a puppy) or the Akita if it is an adult.  IF the breeder can not provide these items to you, than the Akita isn't worth as much (my opinion $300 or less) because you are taking a greater risk that the puppy might develop one of these health problems.  

Breeders can't eliminate these health problems in the Akita, but a conscientious breeder will try to reduce the risk of producing health diseases by testing the parents and only breeding the Akitas that are proven to be healthy, have a good temperament and be excellent representatives of the breed.

This statement is made for two reasons: 
1) to educate the public on the most common inheritable health diseases in the Akita  
2) to make the public aware of what tests can be performed on the parents to increase the chances of their Akita being a healthier dog.

Please note: A dog that has any of these health problems can sometimes lead a normal life that will bring the owner great satisfaction even though they aren't perfect.  However, some dogs that develop one of these diseases may cost the Owner lots of money to treat the disease or may result in the early death of the Akita.  NO breeder can guarantee that the Akita that you acquire will not develop an inheritable disease; however, maybe it will be possible in the future through genetic testing.